The Great Book of Protoss Bullshit (LotV Edition)

An exhaustive list of Protoss cheese builds you can start using on ladder!

Hey, remember that time when the awesome folks at TeamLiquid published a huuuuge list of cheesey Protoss builds?

Yup, that was way back during the Heart of the Swarm expansion.

Due to the new economy in Legacy of the Void, most of these builds won’t work anymore.

Thankfully for you (and me!) I’ve decided to publish the Great Book of Protoss Bullshit, LotV Edition!

Now, you can continue to roll over your ladder opponents with the greatest Protoss cheese ever, all the while laughing in their face and stealing those sweet sweeeet ladder points for yourself 🙂

Oh yeah, and you also get to taste the salty tears of your opponent, as they constantly BM you in the chat.

fucking shitty cheese builds

noob go kill yourself

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For your convenience, the Great Book of Protoss Bullshit has been split into 3 sections. Click on any of the links to magically jump to that section!

Oh yeah, and if you know of any more Protoss cheese builds, please let me know so that I can add them to this list.

While reading through this post please listen to the following song as it accurately reflects how your opponents will feel when the game is over and you are collecting ladder points.

Enjoy! ❤


Proxy Stargate Oracle

Rushes Oracle with a proxied Stargate. Sorry SCVs, but you guys are about to be fucked!

  • 12 Pylon (Delay worker production to get the first Pylon out)
  • 13 Gateway
  • 15 Gas
  • 16 Gas
  • 18 Cybernetics Core
  • 19 Proxy Pylon (hide this somewhere)
  • 21 Stargate at exactly 1:50. This is very important!
  • 21 Mothership Core
  • 23 Pylon
  • 25 Oracle (Chrono)

Use your Oracle to deal as much damage to their economy as possible. While this is happening, get out a 2nd Oracle for some extra damage.

From here on out, you can do whatever you want.

This video shows the Proxy Oracle in its full glory!

2 Base Adept Allin

“Oh, so you got Siege Tanks and Widow Mines with your bio? Well, I’m just gonna shade on top of you with my Adepts… Oops, did I just kill you?”

  • 16 Gateway
  • 16 Assimilator
  • 19 Nexus
  • 19 Cybernetics Core
  • 20 Assimilator
  • 21 Pylon

Get Warp Gate research, your first Adept and the Mothership Core.

After you have fully saturated your main and have 2 workers at your natural, build a Robotics Facility.

At 8 workers at natural, get Forge and Twilight Council. Then warp in a Warp Prism from your Robotics Facility (Chrono)

At 10 workers at natural, construct 3 additional Gateways. Research +1 and Resonating Glaives (Chrono both)

At 14 workers at natural, 3 more Gateways for a grand total of 7 Gateways.

Now make a ton of Pylons (3 to 4), because the fun’s about to start!

Set up your Warp Prism near to the Terran’s base, warp in a shit ton of Adepts and Attack when +1 and Glaives is done.

This VoD shows this build in its full glory!

Nightmare’s Blink DT Chargelot Allin

  • 19 Nexus opener
  • 14 Pylon
  • 16 Gate
  • 17 Gas
  • 3 ways to saturate: 1. Rally one at a time after 16 on minerals. 2. Put 2 in right away, 3rd after Nexus starts. 3. Put 3 in after Nexus starts.
  • 19 Nexus
  • 20 Cyber
  • 21 2nd Gas
  • 22 Pylon
  • @100% Cyber –> MSCore (Chrono) + Adept + WG
  • 29 Robo
  • 32 Twilight Council
  • 35 2x Gate
  • @100% Twilight –> Dark Shrine
  • @100% Robo –> Warp Prism –> Obs
  • 42 Pylon
  • 43 2x Gas
  • @100% WG –> 3x Stalker
  • @100% DS –> 3x DT
  • 5:00 DT Blink + Charge (Double chrono)
  • 2nd Warp Prism
  • Stop @44 probes
  • 5:30 4x Gate as you get money
  • Constant DT/zealot warp ins on 2nd prism
  • DT blink done @ 6:55 attack right away

Click here for build explanations, counters and VoDs!


9 Gate Chargelot Allin

Submitted by u/IrnBroski

The basic premise is to make a lot of zealots with +1 and charge, then attack the zerg’s third whilst simultaneously warping in a lot more zealots into their main.

If Zerg scouts, they’ll just see a bunch of zealots. They’ll ask, “What’s that fat adept doing with those kitchen knives?” Then you’ll make them remember.

  • @25 mins, send probe to natural wall. It should arrive at the right time to build a pylon. Don’t forget to make a probe at 50 mins.
  • 14 – Pylon (send probe that builds pylon out to scout)
  • 17 – Nexus
  • 17 – Gateway
  • Rally 19th probe to gas
  • 20 – 2 x Assimilator in main
  • 20 – Pylon
  • 22 – Cybernetics Core
  • 22 – Zealot (constant Zealot production from gates)
  • 22 – 3 probes on each geyser
  • @Cybernetics Core – start Warpgate (chronoboost), MsC
  • 35 – Pylon in main
  • 41 – Forge
  • 41 – Robotics Faciility
  • 42 – Stop probe production. Should have 22 in main, 10 in natural. Chrono your gateway
  • 42 – Twilight Council
  • 44 – Gateway
  • @Forge – start +1
  • 44 – Gateway
  • 46 – Gateway
  • @170 gas, start taking probes off gas one at a time from each geyser. If done correctly, you should finish with 200 gas. Put these 6 probes onto your natural mineral line.
  • @200 gas – Charge (chronoboost) – if timed correctly, you should get 200 gas right as your Twilight Council finishes
  • 46 – Pylon
  • 46 – Warp Prism (chronoboost) – rally this to just outside the Zerg main. Charge and WP should both be chrono’d.
  • 46 – Convert gates to Warpgates. 3x zealot.
  • 52 – Pylon
  • 52 – Zealot
  • 52 – 4x Gateway
  • 52 – 4x Zealot
  • 60 – 2x Pylon

Send your zealots to attack their third. Warp in 4 more when your warpgates are ready and send them in behind your initial army, to reinforce.

As your zealots reach their third, warp in another round of 8 zealots in their main. Now just alternate between making 2 pylons at home and warping in full rounds of zealots. Keep your WP alive.

Click here for additional notes on this build!

Fast 4 Gate with Proxy 5th (PvZ Version)

Very easy-to-execute build that involves a very effective harass and punch that crushes under prepared players, and even the smallest miss micro can be game losing for the enemy.

  • 14 Pylon
  • 15 Gateway
  • 17 Gas x2 (2 probes on each gas)
  • 19 Gateway (send this probe to make proxy Pylon)
  • 20 Cyber Core
  • 21 Pylon x2 (one in base, one proxied)
  • 21 Adept x2, Warp Gate Research (chrono)
  • 25 Proxy Gateway
  • 25 Gateway x2 (in your main)

100% Warp Gate Research, transform all Gateways.

You should already have 6 Adepts, make 5 Stalkers (or Zealots, depending on opponent’s army) and attack. Constantly warp in and pressure until your opponent is dead.

Be very careful with the adepts, you need them to kill Zerglings.

If your opponent is going pure Zerglings, make zealots and adepts.

If your opponent is going Roach/Ravager, make Stalkers and Zealots. Focus Ravagers quick, and focus Roaches so they die quicker and can do less damage.

Sometimes I like to fully wall off my base with a Pylon and put a Mothership Core at the ramp, in case opponent tries to counter attack.

If you decide to make a Mothership Core, feel free to be aggressive with it, and recall if necessary.

MCanning 9DT Build

This build is 9 DT, not 8, not 10, it is 9 DT because you are trying to snipe all 3 bases as the same time!

When executing the build, most important things are spotting all three Hatcheries with a Probe so you can right click them, putting down third and fourth gases immediately after the DT shrine goes down!

It is 9 DT because 3 DT’s kill a hatchery before an overseer has time to morph, so 3 on each base = 3 dead bases, honestly this build is pretty viable!

  • 14 Pylon
  • 17 Nexus
  • 17 Gateway
  • 20 Gas x2
  • 21 Pylon (start mining gas)
  • 22 Cyber Core
  • 26 Zealot
  • 30 Warp Gate, Mothership Core
  • 32 Stalker
  • 32 Proxy Pylon for Twilight + DT Shrine
  • 38 Twilight Council
  • 47 Gateway, Dark Shrine (double gas IMMEDIATELY, 3rd and 4th)
  • 52 Gateway x6 for 9 total
  • 55 Robo Facility
  • 56 Dark Templar x9

3 to each Hatchery, kill 3 of them at the same time. Win!


Proxy Robo Allin

  • 14 Pylon (send out probe to scout)
  • 15 Gateway
  • 17 Gas
  • 17 Gas
  • 19 Gateway
  • 20 Cybernetics Core
  • 22 Proxy Pylon
  • 23 Stalker x2

Get Warp Gate research (chrono) and immediately throw down a Robotics Facility at the proxy Pylon.

  • 27 Stalker x2
  • 31 Gateway
  • 31 Pylon
  • 34 Immortal (Chrono)
  • 34 Gateway
  • 34 Pylon

I was unable to find a VoD for this one (sorry!) But there is a replay you can download right here.

Fast 4 Gate with Proxy 5th (PvP Version)

Very easy-to-execute build that involves a very effective harass and punch that crushes under prepared players, and even the smallest miss micro can be game losing for the enemy.

  • 14 Pylon
  • 15 Gateway
  • 17 Gas x2 (2 probes on each gas)
  • 19 Gateway (send this probe to make proxy Pylon)
  • 20 Cyber Core
  • 21 Pylon x2 (one in base, one proxied)
  • 21 Stalker x2, Warp Gate Research (chrono)
  • 25 Proxy Gateway
  • 25 Gateway x2 (in your main)

100% Warp Gate Research, transform all Gateways.

You should already have 6 Stalkers, make even more Stalkers (or Zealots, depending on opponent’s army) and attack. Constantly warp in and pressure until your opponent is dead.

Leave 2 Stalkers in mineral line until you are 100% sure that your opponent has no Stargates whatsoever.

This is hard to know for sure, but if your opponent is on one base with a Robotics Facility, there’s a good chance he couldn’t have afforded a stargate. First warp in should always be all stalkers so you can focus down enemy MSC as fast as possible.

First warp in should always be all Stalkers so you can focus down enemy Mothership Core as fast as possible.

Be cautious of Pylon Overcharge, either commit to killing the Pylon, or back off. It can be game losing if you do something in the middle.

If he has any Sentries, focus them fast and concentrate everything on being able to move up the ramp so he can’t block off reinforcements.

Focus Immortals quick. First trigger their shield by focusing a single unit on it, then focus everything after it goes away.


I really hope you folks enjoyed this guide! It was a lot of fun compiling all the different cheese builds together.

But as Napoleon Hill once said,

Knowledge is not power. It is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organised into definite plans of action.

Don’t just read, start using these cheesey builds on ladder today!

Oh yeah, before I forget, the following video sums up exactly how your opponents feel after you read this guide:

In conclusion, Protoss is bullshit.

ZvP: Beating Mass Carriers and Void Rays

Strategy, game plan and additional tips

Mass Carriers and Void Rays.

If you’ve played a decent amount of StarCraft 2, you’ve probably come across this strategy before.

It is a strategy where the Protoss player sits back off of a couple of bases and gets a huge Skytoss army out while turtling.

Once the Protoss is maxed out, the insane damage output of the Interceptors, combined with the +armor attack of the Void Rays can be nearly unstoppable.

But don’t fret! In this ZvP guide, I’ll be showing you how to beat this strategy as a Zerg player.


For your convenience, this guide has been split into 2 parts:

  • How to scout it
  • How to beat it

How to scout it

The first step to beating Skytoss is scouting it. Some telltale signs your opponent is going for mass Carriers and Void Rays:

  • More than 1 Stargate
  • Building many Photon Cannons to defend
  • Extremely fast 3rd base

Simple, right?

One more tip: if you see an early 3rd base, try to be as annoying as possible with your Zerglings and delay their expansions.

These small little victories can easily lead to a win in the late game.

How to beat it

The strongest unit composition from Zerg against mass Stargate units is mass Queens and Corruptors, with Zerglings to deal with the ground army.

You’ll want double Spire upgrades and Hive as soon as possible. 

Make sure to prioritize the Air Armor upgrades so that your Corruptors don’t die to Interceptors so quickly.

Again, you NEED to be as annoying with your Zerglings as you can. Keep about 20 cracklings in their own hotkey and constantly scout the map for new expansions. 

If you find a base with 10 cannons, send 40 cracklings to take it down, assuming it’s otherwise undefended.

Skytoss is a very mineral-heavy composition where the Protoss is constantly re-building Interceptors. If you stop their income there’s no way they can make any more 😀

Not Enough Minerals

While denying their expansions, get your own expansions behind it. Good players will do Chargelot runbys so don’t be afraid to make a Spine forest at each of your bases if that is the case.

Engaging the Skytoss

You need to try and engage the Protoss army before they max out. In a normal game, the Protoss usually reaches 200/200 with Carriers and Void Rays at around 12-15 minutes.

If the Protoss is unwilling to engage, morph a couple of Brood Lords (1-3 is a good number) They outrange Photon Cannons, so use them to take down one of the bases.

Eventually they are forced to bring their entire Skytoss army to engage you or end up losing an important expansion.

Attack behind mass Spore Crawlers if you have to! Using the Corruptors, FOCUS FIRE down the Carriers first, then Void Rays.

While this is happening, use your Queens to continually Transfuse the Corruptors to keep them alive for as long as possible.

This is a great GIF on how the engagement should go (credits to Lowko for the video!)


If there are too many Void Rays, wait for him to activate his Prismatic Alignment, then back off and engage once the ability has worn off.


Alright, that pretty much sums up my guide on defeating mass Carriers and Void Rays as Zerg. Now you know how to defeat a filthy Protoss player who is going Skytoss, hehe.

If you enjoyed this guide, please share them using the sharing buttons below! I really appreciate it 😀

Any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below!